The DMI-65 is a similar filtration media to Manganese Greensand, however theDMI-65 does not need to be re-generated with potassium permanganate at all. DMI-65 is a revolutionary Infusion Technology catalytic filtration media designed for the removal of iron and manganese without the use of potassium permanganate. The unique micro-porous structure of DMI-65 efficiently removes dissolved iron to as low as 0.001 ppm and manganese to 0.001 ppm. The DMI-65 acts as an oxidation catalyst with immediate oxidation and filtration of the insoluble precipitates. The media has been used extensively in a wide variety of applications for over 30 years.

The DMI-65 is a water filtration media that has extremely high capabilities of removing bothIron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) simultaneously through low cost catalytic oxidation andretention of precipitate. The DMI-65 will also remove all arsenic from a water supply.The DMI-65 is one of the few water filtration media’s in the world developed to remove Iron,manganese and arsenic that is certified to NSF/ANSI 61 for drinking water applications.

Iron can be removed by many different methods to achieve the “ World and Australian Drinking Standards”. These methods are regarded as old technology in world standards,expensive in Energy and ongoing costs and maintenance.Manganese however is much difficult to remove and expensive using traditional methods.The DMI-65 is the most advanced catalytic reaction media in the world and has a very high ability in removing iron and manganese and others elements.The DMI-65 is the lowest cost method of removing Iron-Manganese – Arsenic. All otherprocesses are expensive in, energy and on going maintenance costs.The DMI-65 is also very simple to use, operate and maintain. The DMI-65 has a life span ofat least 5 years before needing to be replaced if the plant is maintained correctly.

Catalytic Filter Media
In regard to how DMI-65 works, this is a catalytic filter media boosting oxidation capacity oflow cost oxidant such as NaOCl. (Before the filter you inject oxidant).Iron and manganese in solution are in the form of lower valence oxi-hydroxides (example,ferrous hydroxide). Higher valence oxi-hydroxides (ferric hydroxide, red color) are not soluble in water around neutral pH. When the water with iron and manganese in solution and oxidant reaches the particles are retained in the filter bed. This process would take place normally in a matter of days to weeks. The catalytic filter media makes this happen in minutes accelerating the reaction a few hundred times.

Physical Properties:
Colour : Black to Brown
Bulk Density : 1.46 gr/cm3; 1.46 tonne/m3; 91 Ib/ft3
Specific Gravity (Particle Density) : 2.69n gr/cm3
Effective Size : 0.43mm
Uniform Coefficient : 1.34
Porosity : 45.8%
Mesh Size : 20 – 45
Attrition Loss P/Annum : 1 – 5% (depending on water condition)

Product Specification:
Product: DMI-65
Country of Origin : Australia
Size : 20 x 45
Packing : 21 kg per bag


Minimum order 2 bags.

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Filter Media - DMI-65 (21kg/Bag)

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