• 24" Exotuf Plus Top Mount Sand Filter E600 Plus, Waterco


c/w 40mm Clamp Multiport Valve & Barrel Union (3.5bar)

Designed to cope with the cyclic pressures of the modern day swimming pool, Exotuf filter vessels are precision injection moulded for superior strength and dependability. The Exotuf Plus media filters are designed to cope with the cyclic pressures of the modern day swimming pool and feature hydraulically efficient fish tail lateral systems in both top and side-mount models which facilitate energy and water savings.

  •     Water savings of up to 30%
  •     Ideal for low powered and energy efficient pumps
  •     Multiport valve clamp provides 360° orientation of the multiport valve for simple installation and service
  •     Hydraulically balanced flow distribution, to maximise filtration and backwashing
  •     Enhanced water clarity
  •     Pressure rated at 350 kPa
  •     Corrosion and UV resistant

Superior Strength

Exotuf Plus filters are considered one of the strongest filters within its class. Its filter vessel is precision injection moulded within minimal tolerances for enhanced structural strength and dependability. Pressure rated at 350 kPa, they are ideal for pools equipped with in-floor cleaning and high powered pumps.

Depth Filtration

The Exotuf Plus filters operates on the basis of “Depth Filtration”; dirt is driven through the filter bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of filter media allowing the cleansed water to pass through the filter’s laterals and exit via the filter’s Multiport valve.

Ease of Maintenance

Cleansing the filter simply requires turning the filter’s multiport lever from the “filter” position to the “backwash” position,which reverses the flow of water in the filter, flushing the filter bed.

Water Saving “Fish Tail” laterals

Exotuf Filters are equipped with “Fish Tail” laterals, to improve its filtration and backwashing hydraulic efficiency.Fish Tail laterals provide effective cover age of the filter bed and balanced water flow,during backwashing. Exotuf Filters backwash time is significantly reduced, leading to a 30% savings of backwash water.

Energy Saving “Fish Tail” laterals

The Exotuf Filters hydraulic efficiency halves the backwash flow rate of a conventional sand filter, allowing the option for low powered, energy efficient pumps for filtration flow and backwash flow.

Enhanced Water Clarity

Lowering a filter’s flow rate not only significantly decreases the pump’s energy requirements, but also reduces water flow resistance in your pool equipment and plumbing.A lower flow rate also has the added benefit of enhancing your pool’s filtration efficiency, greatly enhancing the clarity of your swimming pool water.

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24" Exotuf Plus Top Mount Sand Filter E600 Plus, Waterco

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