(25KG/BAG, 0.6MM - 1.2MM)

ZeoPlus is a naturally occurring mineral rock, found in areas where there has been historic volcanic activity. Its microporous structure and ammonia removal properties will significantly improve the quality of your swimming pool water. 

Zeolite filtration media can be used to replace sand in any sand filter. Zeolite is a high performance media allows the same filtration standards of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) with the convenience of sand. A 25 kg bag of ZeoPlus is equivalent in volume to a 30.5 kg bag of sand. Other than that, ZeoPlus is an advanced filter media that is recommended to use with Waterco Micron W Series Filter. ZeoPlus is a naturally occurring mineral rock, found in areas where there has been historic volcano activity. Its micro porous structure has unique properties which will enable it to significantly improve the quality of your water.

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral formed millions of years ago. Viewed under an electron microscope, the granules reveal void spaces as small as 3 microns. Small particles of clay and silt suspended in water are trapped in the void spaces. 

Molecular sieving occurs when water contaminants such as ammonia and chloramines are adsorbed and chemically locked onto the zeolite granules. The combination of physical entrapment of fine particles and molecular sieving of contaminants makes zeolite a superb water filtration media and produces superior water clarity compared to regular sand media. 


ZeoPlus should be regenerated once it is saturated i.e. full of ammonium. On an average pool this takes around 12 months, although heavily used spas and hydrotherapy pools may require regeneration sooner. It should be regenerated once ammonium level starts to increase. As a rule of thumb, regenerate it when the ammonium concentration of the outlet water is greater than 1 ppm.

Please note: If ZeoPlus is not regenerated, it may lose its ability to adsorb ammonium. However, it will still perform effectively as a mechanical filter with a life span of up to ten years (depending on the frequency of backwash).


  1. Backwash the filter as usual until the backwash wastewater is clear of particulates.
  2. Isolate the filter.
  3. Drain completely the water in the filter by opening the bottom drain plug and replace drain plug once finished.
  4. Make up 200g/L of brine solution. Refer to example below to determine the required amounts of salt and water.
  5. Pour the well dissolved brine solution into the filter until it completely covers the bed by about 40mm.
  6. Mix solution into the media by agitating vigorously. Replace lid or MPV.
  7. Leave it to soak overnight (for a minimum period of 12 hours). Once regeneration is complete the ZeoPlus bed must be rinsed with fresh water until the outlet water salt level or TDS is similar to the incoming water.
  8. Turn the valve(s) to BACKWASH cycle. Run BACKWASH for 3 to 5 mins
  9. Run RINSE cycle for 3 minutes then select BACKWASH again, followed by RINSE for another 3 minutes. If the filter does not have a RINSE cycle, run BACKWASH for an extra 20 minutes.
  10. Turn valve(s) to FILTER cycle. You are now ready to operate the ZeoPlus filter as before.


  • Always turn off the pump before changing valve position. 
  • In heavily used spas and hydrotherapy pools, regeneration may be required sooner than 12 months.



Our 25 kg/bag of zeolite turns any sand filter into a super filter. Using an all-natural zeolite mineral, ZeoPlus as a media provides many valuable advantages over ordinary sand media.

  • Superior water clarity
  • Ammonia removal
  • Dual filtration
  • Reduced chlorine demand
  • Reduced skin and eye irritations
  • Reduced odour

Download Product Brochure here.


Minimum order 2 bags.

Zeolite Delivery is available for Klang Valley addresses only.

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Filter Media - ZeoPlus Zeolite (25kg/Bag, 0.6mm – 1.2mm )

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