Pool Heating

Pool Heating

Heating your pool is the best way to enjoy it year round. Even in the coldest months, the whole family can use and take pleasure in a warm pool. And it's not as costly as you might think. There are three basic types of pool heating systems. These are Solar, Electric Heat Pumps and Electric Element. The best system for your pool is determined by numerous factors including your needs, desires, budget and physical location of the pool and house.

Solar Pool Heating
Solar pool heating is extremely popular because of its obvious advantage in using free energy from the sun. Solar heating systems work by direct heat transfer. The water from your pool is circulated through the collector, which is usually located on a roof. Most systems utilise a digital controller, which sends water to the roof whenever there is sufficient sunshine, provided that the pool is not already at the desired temperature.

Electric Element
Electric element heaters are purpose built and provide a low purchase cost option, which is compact and easily installed. Element heating works much like an electric kettle in that there is a direct heat transfer between the immersed element and the pool water. The small physical size of the units makes them ideal for use where plant space is at a premium or where gas supply is not available and the special installation needs of a heat pump cannot be met. Element heaters will operate at a slightly higher cost to gas if connection is made to the overnight off peak tariff.

Electric Heat Pump
The electric heat pump is sometimes called a "solar heat pump" because of its unique ability to capture heat value from air temperature and turn this to water heating at high efficiency. In essence, these units are for those pool owners who want to swim most, if not all, of the year. Heat pumps work like a reversed air conditioner. Instead of taking air from a room or building, removing the heat and returning it, a heat pump takes large quantities of air from the atmosphere, the heat contained in the air is removed and transferred to water from the pool or spa passing through the unit.

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