It's the swimming pool salt that turns a regular chlorine pool into a luxurious and silky soft salt water pool.  The water softening effects and gentle feel is created by adding the right amount and the right kind of salt for your pool.  

  • Salt water pools use salt to generate the chlorine. The chlorine generated from pool salt is not as harsh as regular chlorine and does not cause common problems including red eyes, dry/irritated skin, damaged hair and damaged bathing suits. This eco-friendly alternative is the healthier way to go!
  • It is recommended that additional salt is added to the generator after a downpour of rain because the water becomes diluted, causing the existing chlorine to become less effective. Replenish the diluted water to get it back to its required chlorine level.
  • The water in salt water pools does not taste like salt water from the ocean. There is a mild amount of salt mixed into the water, making it less like the ocean and more like tap water.


By nature, 'Salt' is NaCl, Sodium Chloride. The method by which a salt-chlorine generator works is that it applies a process of electrolysis to the dissolved salt in the water as it passes through a pool's filter system. This electrolysis takes away the 'sodium' part of salt and what is left is chloride, or chlorine. This form of chlorine is very natural, and does not have the normal byproducts you will find with other types of chlorine- ie. red eyes, strong odor, etc.


What makes this system so enjoyable for pool-owners is that because the chlorine is produced and dispersed into the pool on such a consistent basis, it is much more difficult for the water to get cloudy or develop algae, and as we all know, algae will make or break just how much one enjoys swimming pool ownership. This consistency in the chlorine levels also makes pool maintenance much easier due to the fact that one does not need to check the chlorine levels on a daily basis, nor is adding of chlorine tablets or weekly "shocking" of the pool water necessary. Salt chlorinators are the greatest thing and you would tend to agree. 

High Purity

Our pool salt is specifically engineered for pools using pool salt chlorine generators. With the high purity, it helps to ensure clean and clear water clarity.

Safer Ingredients

Unlike harmful chlorine chemicals, our pool salt is formulated with non-hazardous ingredients that are safer to handle and are gentler on the eyes, skin and hair when dissolved in pool water.

Fast Dissolving

This premium and high soluble pool salt is made from extra fine, quick and evenly dissolving crystals.

Environmentally Friendly

Our pool salt is formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe for almost all pools and eliminate the need to use hazardous chlorine chemicals.


Precautions for Safe Handling:

  • Use of safe work practices are recommended to avoid eye or skin contact and inhalation of dust.
  • Food, beverages and tobacco products should not be stored or consumed where this material is in use.
  • Always wash hands before smoking, eating, drinking or using the toilet.
  • Wash contaminated clothing and other protective equipment before storage or re-use.
  • Provide eyewash fountains and safety showers in close proximity to points of potential exposure.

Conditions for Safe Storage:

  • Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated area.
  • Keep container tightly closed.
  • Protect from heat.
  • Keep away from strong oxidising agents.


  • Inhalation: Supply fresh air; consult doctor in case of complaints.
  • Skin Contact: In case of skin contact, immediately remove contaminated clothing and wash affected areas with water and soap. Seek medical attention if symptoms occur.
  • Eye Contact: In case of eye contact, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Seek medical attention.
  • Ingestion: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Immediately rinse mouth with water. Give some water or milk to drink.High water (or milk) intake facilitates urinary excretion and relief of oedema and temporary elevated blood pressure. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Seek immediate medical attention.


Minimum order 50 bags.

Pool Salt Delivery is not available for East Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak) addresses.

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Pool Salt (20kg/Bag Sodium Chloride)

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